Guidelines for Awarding Credit for off-Campus Chemistry/Biochemistry Internship

  1. Tentative approval by the Associate Chairman must be sought by the student prior to the onset of the internship.
  2. A chemistry/biochemistry faculty member who is willing to serve as the titular mentor of the student for the internship experience must be secured by the student prior to the onset of the internship. The faculty member will be responsible for determining the credit hours to be awarded and the grade assigned, both in consultation with the student's on-site mentor.
  3. Normally, registration in CHEM-X66 will be utilized, up to a maximum of 6 credits. As is currently the case, grading will be pass/fail only. For projects of particularly high academic merit the faculty mentor, at his/her discretion, may approve registration in CHEM-468, up to a maximum of 6 credits.
  4. In order to receive a passing grade, the student must submit a satisfactory comprehensive formal written report to the faculty member. The report must also be approved by the on-site mentor. If the work carried out is proprietary in nature, the report should outline the synthetic and/or physical/analytical techniques employed. If registration in CHEM-468 has been approved by the faculty mentor, he/she may award a letter grade for the work after the satisfactory written report has been submitted.

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