ACS/Hach Scientific Foundation Scholarship Award

Samantha A. Martin (BA/XCE/11)

13th Annual American Society for Biochemistry and Microbiology Poster Competition, New Orleans, April,2009

Stephanie L. Myrick (BS/BIOC/09) Honorable Mention

ASBMB Travel Awards

Christina H. Antonopoulos (BS/BIOC/09)

Ryan S. Wilson (BS/BIOC/09)

Meghan D. Woods (BS/BIOC/09)

Beckman Scholar

Michael G. Napolitano (BS/CHEM/11)

Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship Ann E. Benavidez (BS/CHEM/09)
Procter & Gamble Research & Development Colloquium for Undergraduates Travel Award David W. Marsan (BS/BIOC/11)




Colonial Athletic Association All-Conference Women’s Cross Country Team

Christina H. Antonopoulos (BS/BIOC/09)

Delaware ACS Section Student-Industry Poster Session

Michael T. Pirnot (BS/CHEM/09), 1st place, Undergraduate Division

East Coast Athletic Conference Merit Medal

Kyle F. Davis (BS/BIOC/10)

ESPN/College Sports Information Directors of American Academic All-District 2 Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country Team

Christina H. Antonopoulos (BS/BIOC/09)

73nd Intercollegiate Student Chemists Convention Franklin and Marshall College, April 18, 2009

Douglas Y. Desario (BS/CHEM/09)1st place, Analytical Division

Michael T. Pirnot (BS/CHEM/09) 2nd place, Organic Chemistry Division

Nicholas Zeringo (BS/BIOC/09), 2nd place, Physical Division




Blue Hen Team Sportsmanship Award

Kyle F. Davis (BS/BIOC/10), Men’s Soccer

Most Valuable Player Awards

Christina H. Antonopoulos (BS/BIOC/09), Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Indoor Track

Phi Beta Kappa Clift and DeArmond Award

Valerie W. Shurtleff (BS/CHEM/11)

Women of Promise

Kristin M. Nuzzio (BS/CHEM/09)




American Chemical Society Award in Chemistry

Amy L. Styer (BS/BIOC/10)

American Institute of Chemists Award in Chemistry

Stephen J. Tereniak (BS/CHEM/09)

Kevin Scott Beall Memorial Award

Timothy E. Gilpatrick (BS/BIOC/12) Soma Jobbagy (BS/BIOC/12)

Wallace H. Carothers Scholarship

Valerie W. Shurtleff (BS/CHEM/11) James L. White (BS/CHEM/11)

Frank W. Collins Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry

Stephanie L. Myrick (BS/BIOC/09)

Quaesita Drake Scholarships

Christina H. Antonopoulos (BS/BIOC/09)

Ioanna H. Antonopoulos (BS/BIOC./09)

Heather A. Hartman (BS/CHEM/10)

Meghan D. Woods (BS/BIOC/09)

Elizabeth Dyer Awards for Excellence in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stephanie L. Myrick (BS/BIOC/09)

Michael T. Pirnot (BS/CHEM/09)

Hypercube Scholar Award David J. Meninger (BS/CHEM/10)
Wallace H. McCurdy Jr. Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry Douglas Y. Desario (BS/CHEM/09)
Merck Index Awards

Douglas Y. Desario (BS/CHEM/09)

Kyle R. Johnson (BS/CHEM.09)

James A. Moore Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry Ann E. Benavidez (BS/CHEM/09)
Joseph H. Noggle Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry Ioanna H. Antonopoulos (BS/BIOC/09)
Nicholas Freemont Plummer Philosophy Prize Tara Rhoades (BS/BIOC/10)
Gene J. and Frances E. Schiavelli Undergraduate Research Fellowship Ann E. Benavidez (BS/CHEM/09)
C. Frank Shaw III Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry Stephen J. Tereniak (BS/CHEM/09)
Carl A. von Frankenberg Undergraduate Award in Chemistry Education Kristin M. Nuzzio (BS/CHEM/09)
Women’s Studies Award of Special Merit Roxanne K. Horrell (BS/BIOC/09)




Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Fellows

Donald A. Allen (BS/BIOC/11)

Kyle F. Davis (BS/BIOC/10)

Heather A. Hartman (BS/CHEM/10)

Samuel S. Linton (BS/BIOC/10)

Brendan P. LoGiurato (BS/BIOC/11)

Kevin A. Sforza (BS/BIOC/10)

Devan L. Turner (BS/CHEM/11)



Steven J. Foltz (BS/BIOC/11)

David W. Marsan (BS/BIOC/11)


David A. Plastino (BS/CHEM/78) Alumni Undergraduate Research Fellows

Aditya P. Bose (BS/BIOC/10)

Andrew J. Meyer (BS/CHEM/10)

Charles F. Polotti (BS/CHEM/11)

Valerie W. Shurtleff (BS/CHEM/11)

Patrick J. Straney (BS/CHEM/10)

James L. White (BS/CHEM/11)


Science & Engineering Scholar

Eric D. Bugglin-Borer (BS/BIOC/11)

State of Delaware Grant

Angela A. Genoese (BS/BIOC/10)

Amanda B. Vent (BS/BIOC/10)


Department News

Hilary Kerchner Wins ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Details

Professor Karl Booksh Appointed Chair of ACS CWD and To The NSF Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering Details

Professor Sharon Rozovsky Receives EPSCoR Seed Grant Details

Mary Watson Receives NSF Early Career Development Award Details

Andrew Teplyakov To Receive ACS Delaware Section Award Details

Army scientist shields Soldiers from chemical agents Details

30th Annual Dyer Award Details

Johnston Group Begins The Year With Four Publications on Nanoparticle Research Details

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