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M. Watson Group, Jan 2015. Left to right: Qi Zhou, Songnan Zhang, Jennie Liao, Tianyu Tan, Srimoyee Dasgupta, Corey Basch, Jake Piane, Jixin Liu, Alex Manders, Javon Rabb-Lynch, Kelsey Roberts.


Welcome to the M. Watson Group website! Our research is focused on the discovery of new methods for organic synthesis. In particular, we utilize transition metal catalysts to develop novel transformations and enantioselective reactions. Our goal is to enable greater efficiency and novel bond constructions in the synthesis of stereochemically complex molecules. Please see the Research and News pages for more details of our recent work.


Group with Nobel Laureate Richard Heck. Front (left to right): Mary Watson, Richard Heck, Srimoyee Dasgupta. Back (left to right): Prantik Maity, Andrew Ehle, Qi Zhou, Danielle Shacklady-McAtee, Melissa Morris.

Mary P. Watson · University of Delaware · Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry · Newark, DE 19716

(302) 831-1529 · mpwatson[at]udel.edu

Office: 237 Brown Laboratory · Labs: 337, 338 Brown Laboratory