New Account Request Form

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry maintains a cluster of Silicon Graphics UNIX workstations and multiprocessor computers for use in coursework and research.

All members of the Department are eligible to have accounts on these machines. This includes facultry, staff, graduate students and post-docs as well as undergraduate students needing access for research or coursework.

To apply for an account on the Chemistry Cluster, fill in the necessary items below, print out this page, sign and date it, and return to Pat McMahon ( either by campus mail or in person. Account activation generally takes one day.


Preferred Username (8 characters max): 

Course Number (if account required for a course in chemistry): 

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Users of the computing facilities in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are governed by the University of Delaware's Policy for Responsible Computing. The text of the University's policy can be viewed at Sign below to indicate that you have read and understood the Policy for Responsible Computing and agree to abide by this policy in your use of departmental computing facilities.


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