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The University of Delaware offers a multidisciplinary graduate program at the interface between chemistry and biology, funded by NIH. The program involves faculty from six academic units and allows students to obtain a Ph.D. degree in either Chemistry and Biochemistry, or in Chemical Engineering. Research disciplines include: biochemistry, biochemical engineering, bioorganic chemistry, molecular biology, virology, bioanalytical chemistry, structural biology, bioinorganic chemistry and plant biochemistry. The program features: laboratory rotations to introduce students to diverse research areas; graduate courses that can be selected from six departments; a course on scientific integrity and ethical principles in research; a multidisciplinary seminar; and an intense research experience culminating in the submission of a Ph.D. dissertation.

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Participating Faculty
Program Director (Chemistry and Biochemistry): Enzymology of Dehydrogenases and Glutathione S-transferases; Affinity Labeling and Mutagenesis of Adenylosuccinate Lyase and other Nucleotide Binding Enzymes
BRIAN BAHNSON (Biochemistry): Intermediates of Enzyme Reactions and Enzyme Motions in Catalysis Viewed by X-ray Crystallography JOAN BURNSIDE (Animal & Food Sciences): Regulation of Gene Expression by Growth Hormone and Cytokines
DANIEL D. CARSON (Biology): Extracellular Matrix Expression and Function; Reproductive, Developmental and Cancer Biology JUNGHUEI CHEN (Biochemistry): Mechanism of Recombination in Both Prokaryotes and Eukaryotic Systems YONG DUAN (Physical Chemistry): Computational Structural Biology and Biochemistry
MELINDA DUNCAN (Biology): Molecular Mechanisms of Vertebrate Eye Development JEREMY S. EDWARDS (Chemical Engineering): Biotechnology, Metabolic Engineering, Bioinformatics M. CYNTHIA FARACH-CARSON (Biology): Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Bone Extracellular Matrix; Ca2+ Homeostasis
JOSEPH M. FOX (Organic Chemistry): Synthetic Methodology and Organometallic Chemistry ERIC M. FURST (Chemical Engineering): Cytoskeletal Structure — Function, Motor Protein Biophysics, Tissue Engineering PAMELA J. GREEN (Plant and Soil Sciences; Marine Studies): mRNA Stability; Ribonucleases; Functional Genomics of Noncoding and Peptide Coding RNAs
MURRAY V. JOHNSTON (Analytical Chemistry): Biological Mass Spectrometry KRISTI L. KIICK (Materials Science & Engineering): Polymeric Materials for Cellular and Molecular Recognition ERIC B. KMIEC (Biological Sciences): Genetic Engineering and Gene Targeting in Plant and Mammalian Cells
JOHN T. KOH (Bioorganic Chemistry): Chemical Biology of Nuclear and Steroid Hormone Receptors ABRAHAM M. LENHOFF (Chemical Engineering): Separation Processes; Protein Molecular Biophysics, Protein Thermodynamics ROBIN W. MORGAN (Animal & Food Sciences): Molecular Biology of Marek's Disease Virus, an Oncogenic Avian Herpes Virus
EUGENE MUELLER (Biochemistry): The Enzymology of RNA Modification ULHAS P. NAIK (Biology): Signaling Through Cell Adhesion Molecules SHARON L. NEAL (Analytical Chemistry): Fluorescence Probe Kinetics in Biomembrane Models
CHARLES RIORDAN (Inorganic Chemistry): Synthetic and Mechanistic Models for Nickel and Zinc Sites in Proteins; Organometallic Drug Design CHRISTOPHER J. ROBERTS (Chemical Engineering): Protein Aggregation; Prediction of Protein Degradation and Shelf Life; Protein Preservation ANNE ROBINSON (Chemical Engineering): Molecular and Cellular Engineering; Engineering Protein-Protein Interactions in vivo and in vitro for Improved Protein Production
CLIFFORD R. ROBINSON (Biochemistry): Molecular Recognition and Engineering; Structure/Function of G-protein-coupled Receptors; Assembly of Integral Membrane Proteins JOEL P. SCHNEIDER (Bioorganic Chemistry): Peptide and protein de novo Design. Synthesis of Peptide Receptors, Probes and Biomaterials. ALLAN D. SHAPIRO (Plant and Soil Science): Signal Transduction and Control Over Programmed Cell Death in Arabidopsis; Resistance to Bacterial Pathogens
ROBERT A. SIKES (Biological Sciences): Prostate Development; Prostate Cancer Development, Progression and Testing of Novel Therapeutic Agents DANIEL T. SIMMONS (Biology): Virology and Molecular Biology; Structure and Function of SV40 T Antigen and Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 DOUGLASS F. TABER (Organic Chemistry): Stereoselective Synthesis of Complex Physiologically Active Natural Products; Computational Organometallic Chemistry
COLIN THORPE (Biochemistry): Enzymology of Flavoproteins in Fatty Acid Metabolism; Protein Disulfide Bond Formation NEAL J. ZONDLO (Bioorganic Chemistry): Functional Molecular Recognition by Designed Architectures  

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