BHC HeaderVisiting Faculty, 2006–2007

Dr. Richard C. Gearhart
(PhD72, Agilent Technologies, retired)
CHEM-100 Chemistry and the Human Environment,
CHEM-105 General Chemistry [for nursing majors]
Dr. Karen L. Hoober (PhD99) CHEM-214/216 Elementary Biochemistry
Ms. Mary Beth Kramer (MS76) CHEM-103/104 General Chemistry
Dr. Albert Matlack
(Hercules Research Center, retired)
CHEM-680 Introductory Polymer Science and
CHEM-667 Green Chemistry
Dr. Paul A. Silver
(PhD73, Calk Dental Laboratories, retired)
CHEM-101 General Chemistry and
CHEM-106 Elementary Bioorganic Chemistry [for nursing majors]
Dr. Michael Stemniski
(Chemistry Teacher, McKean High School, retired)
CHEM-103/104, and
CHEM-213 Elementary Organic Chemistry.