BHC Header2006-2007 Graduates

2007 B.A. Chemistry and Chemistry Education (XCE) Graduates:
Ronald E. Cheadle III (XCE) Michael E. Meredith Carine M. Tata
Cierra D. Green Anne M. Mowrey (XCE) Candice B. Tolud
Thomas W. Kennedy Ernest Pappas, Jr. Katherine E. Vodra (XCE)
Katherine E. Krisukas (XCE) Danielle J. Steele  

2007 B.S. Biochemistry Graduates
Jamie L. Ahrens James D. Kelleher, Jr. b Shaila G. Parker
Jazab Ali Michael D. Keller Anant A. Patel
William G. Bonnette Andrew I. Koemeter-Cox Tapan P. Patel b
James S. Cho Steven W. Kohlbecker Alfred G. Smith III
Andrew R. Deitchman a Donald J. Kotowski Sarah E. Swain
Joseph J. Feng a Jordyn M. Kramer Tarjani M. Thaker
Russell C. Hamilton Evan P. Lebois b Blair S. Thornley c
Andy Huynh Elizabeth S. Lenhart Amina A. Wirjosemito
Meredith L. Jones James W. Nelson b
Richard J. Karpowicz, Jr. Diana M. Nguyen
aHonors Degree bHonors Degree with Distinction cDegree with Distinction

2007 B.S. Chemistry Graduates
Thomas Angelucci, Jr. Dana L. Hoffman-Pennesi Christina F. Stanley
Christine E. Appleyard-Smith Mukta D. Khasnis a Nicole L. Stephenson
Aaron M. Brodsky Andrew S. Madison c, d/span> Avery F. Tolosa
Adam A. Cianfichi Stephen A. Miller Maria H. Wilburn a, d
Allison M. Dominowski Monica W. Myers  
Katharine M. Frysinger a Daniel L. Silverio b  
aHonors Degree bHonors Degree with Distinction cDegree with Distinction
dEnvironmental Chemistry Concentration

2007 M.A. and M.S. Graduates
Jason Kandel (MA) B.S., Marist College
Allison M. Kimball (MA) B.S., Salisbury University
Ying Leng (MS, Beebe) B.S., Dalian University, P.R.C.
Chuck Obiora Ogbuawa (MS, Fox) B.S., University of Delaware
William Perea (MA) B.Sc., University of Valle del Cauca, Columbia
Lynn M. Schiavoni (MA) B.S., University of Delaware
M. Inthikhab Sikkander (MS, Taber)
B.A., Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

2007 Ph.D. Graduates
Student/Previous Degree(s)

Abdulmalik M. Bintaleb B.S., King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
M.S., University of Salford, England

Highly Substituted β-Diketiminato Chromium Compounds for Olefin Polymerization Catalysis Theopold
Chad J. Blamey
B.S., Colorado State University
Calcium- and Integrin-Binding Protein 1: Structure and Function Bahnson, Naik (BISC)
Jennifer L. Hearne (Bobenko)
B.S., University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
Glutathione Transferase M1-1: Delineation of Senobiotic Substrate Sites and the Relationship Between Enzyme Structure and Catalytic Function Colman
Wenlin Huang
M.Phl., City College of the City University of New York
Structural Studies of Polyoxoanionic Solids by 51V and 31P Solid State Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy Polenova
Thai Van Le
B.S., Wheaton College, IL
Silica Colloidal Crystals as New Materials for Biomolecule Separations Wirth
Karthikan Rajagopal
B.S., Bharathiar University, India
M.S., Bharathiar University, India
Rational Peptide Design for Functional Materials via Molecular Self-Assembly Schneider
Daniel T. Shay
B.S., Lehigh University
Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of Terminal Cobalt Imido Complexes Theopold
Damien Thevenin
Mait., University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III), France
Roles of Transmembrane Domains in the ø Folding and Assembly of the Adenosine A2a Receptor Bahnson
Wenzhong Wang
B.S., Fujian Institute for Research on the Structure of Matter, P.R.C.
M.S., Xiamen University, P.R.C.
Mechanistic Studies of Flavoenzymes in Fatty Acid Oxidation and Oxidative Protein Folding Thorpe
Chapman M. Wright
B.S., Randolph-Macon College
Elucidation of Sulfur Transfer Mediated by ThiI Mueller
Fan Zhang
B.S., Sun Yat-sen University, P.R.C.
Synthesis of Organometallic Foldamers and Cyclopropene α-Amino Acids Fox