BHC Header2006-2007 Colloquia and Symposia:

The Department is now favored with two named lectureships each academic year. The inaugural John C. Wriston, Jr. (FAC55-85) Memorial Lecture, “Dynamics of Signaling by PKA,” was presented on 3/9/07 by Professor Susan S. Taylor, University of California – San Diego. The fourth (how time flies!) Richard F. Heck (FAC71-89) Lecture, “Selective Organic and Organometallic Reactions in Water-Soluble Host-Guest Supramolecular Systems,” was given on 4/27/07 by Professor Robert G. Bergman, University of California, Berkeley.

The remaining external colloquium speakers included Professors Karl Wieghardt (Ruhr-University of Bochum) and George W. Flynn (Columbia). Internal colloquium lectures


were presented by Professors Neal Zondlo, Eugene Mueller, Cecil Dybowski, Klaus Theopold, and Sharon Neal.

The 28th East Coast Ion Chemistry Conference was held at the U of D on 9/30/06. Fourteen talks were presented by speakers from Drexel University, University of Delaware, University of Massachusetts (Boston), DuPont, Science Applications International, Smiths Detection, and ASDI Biosciences. Topics included aerosol mass spectrometry, ESI, MALDI-TOF, Ion Mobility MS, fragmentation mechanisms, and characterization of complex mixtures with GPC or HPLC and mass spectrometry.

The First International Symposium on the NMR of

Metals in Biological Systems and Materials, organized by Professors Tatyana Polenova, Cecil Dybowski, and Alexej Jerschow (NYU) was held at the U of D on 6/8-10/07. The meeting was held as a part of the series of courses offered by the Research Coordination Network and funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation grant entitled RCN: Networking Tools for NMR Research on Biological Solids (PI: Ruth Stark, CUNY-CCNY). The purpose was to bring together people who are already working on SSNMR of metals or are interested in learning from others about this exciting area. The symposium attracted 72 participants from the US, Canada, Israel, and India, and gave added luster to our Department’s reputation as one of the NMR centers in the US.