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University of Delaware CHEM/BIOC alumni are well represented atop the leader board of the Delaware Section of the American Chemical Society. Narmada Gunawardena (MS01) is the current Chair, while Dr. Sujata K. Bhatia (BS99) is the Chair-Elect, Dr. Allen S. Denio (FAC78-79, 98-99) is a Councilor, and Andrea E. Martin (PhD81) is an Alternate Councilor.

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George Limperos (BS44, MS47, PhD49) has reached a seldom-achieved milestone: sixty years of membership in the American Chemical Society.

Ronald Rosenberg (MS47) passed away on 12/10/05, in Richmond, CA.

Whelan W. Klemme, Jr. (BS48) is living in Sugarland, TX, having retired from his position of Chief Chemist with the Monsanto Company. Whelan is a recipient of ASTM’s Award of Merit.


Our extended CHEM/BIOC family lost one of its most distinguished members when Brennie E. Hackley, Jr (MS54, PhD57) died on 11/5/06. Dr. Hackley was Chief Scientist and Scientific Advisor to the Commander of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. His 75 publications and 15 U.S. patents contributed significantly to the development of medical antidotes for chemical warfare agents. His career encompassed a remarkable 57 years of continuous government service. Its importance is described in the following quote from his posthumously awarded Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service Medal: “Dr. Hackley’s professional competence and devotion to duty resulted in significant accomplishments in the development of medical countermeasures for chemical threat agents. His meritorious service exemplified the highest tradition of Federal Service, reflecting great credit upon him, the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, and the United States Army.” Full obituaries may be found in C&E News, p. 73, 12/18/06 and at His UD legacy lives on in the person of his daughter, Michele Hackley Johnson, M.D. (BA75), Director of Interventional Neuroradiology and Associate Professor in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of Yale University’s School of Medicine.
H. Curt Vogt (MS54, PhD57) is living in retirement in Point Pleasant, NJ.
Vincent A. Rolleri (MS55, PhD58) died on 11/13/05. Dr. Rolleri had two successful careers, first as a research chemist at the Texas-U.S. Chemical Research Center; then, beginning in 1969, as a chemistry professor (his true love) at New Jersey City University. He retired in 1988, and is survived by his wife, Mary (MS55).

Your Editor was privileged to attend, as Honorary Adviser, the fifth reunion (50th anniversary) of the Amalgamated and Condensed Chemists Club, held at the Deer Park Tavern on 10/21/06. Present and accounted for were John J. Baldwin, Ph.D. (BS56), President and CSO of Concurrent Pharmaceuticals, Leon de Brabander (BS56), retired in Wilmington, DE, C. Lewis Hoffner, Esq. (BS56), retired in Plano, TX,, Walter J. Lafferty, Ph.D. (BS56), senior scientist with NIST, in Gaithersburg, MD, and Maurice (Mario) E. Le Pera (BS56), a consultant in Harrisonburg, VA Three additional Amalgamates participated via telephone: David P. Jordan (BS56, MS58), retired in Thomaston, CT, Glenn S. Skinner, Jr., M.D. (BA56), retired in Sunnyside, WA, and Robert J. Wilson, Jr. (BS56) retired in Beaufort, SC


Ned D. Heindel’s (MS61, PhD63) adventures as an ACS Tour Speaker were featured in an article on the ACS Speaker Service (C&E News, p. 90, 10/20/06). [Your Editor readily identified with his experiences, having participated in 15 such speaking tours across the U.S.] Ned also was one of the creators of, and participants in, the highly acclaimed PBS documentary on the life of Percy Julian (“Forgotten Genius” Ned is a member of the Advisory Board for the next major chemistry-oriented PBS project, “The Mystery of Matter.”

Ann P. Gallucio (Moffett) (BA68) died on 6/11/07. Anne, an accomplished information specialist, had last worked for the Pharmaceutical R&D Division of DuPont. She was very active in ACS governance at both the local and national levels. Local chemists will recall her service as Editor of the Del-Chem Bulletin for many years. A full obituary was published in C&E News, p. 58, 4/16/07.


Michael C. Kallay, M.D. (BS71) is an Associate Professor of Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Ruth C. (Trexler) Norman, Ph.D. (BS72) has completed a career trifecta, from chemistry to business (UD MBA 78) to political science and international relations (UD PhD 07).

Robert L. Hassel (PhD73) has retired from his position as President of TA Instruments, Inc., Wilmington, DE, thereby making his mentor (your Editor) feel still more ancient.

A Departmental Double Del, Paul A. (PhD73) and Faith K. Silver (MS73) have become proud grandparents, via the birth of Gabriel Mathew Silver on 9/11/06.

Eugene Sincich (PhD73), having retired in Santa Clara, CA from the UDLP Corporation, has returned to being a student in some very different venues at San Jose (CA) State University: religious studies (BA05) and art history (current).

Robert D. Athey, Jr (PhD74), has retired from his position as President of Athey Technologies, El Cerrito, CA, having published over 100 articles and 2 books.

Sandra (Gibson) Hassink, M.D. (BS74) is the Director of the Pediatric Weight Management Clinic at the A.I. DuPont Hospital for children in Wilmington. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Pediatrics. One of her three children, Matthew, is a UD doctoral candidate working in Professor Joseph Fox’s research group.

Jerome R. Lenhard (BS75) is an electrochemist with Eastman Kodak in Rochester, N.Y.

H. Douglas Thornley (BA75) was one of the organizers of the symposium on “The 5 C’s of Hair Care,” held at the U of D on 10/19/06, under the joint auspices of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and our ACS Student Affiliate Chapter. The Society provided two scholarship awards for U of D essay contest winners. Doug’s daughter, Blair, is a member of our class of 2007.

Helen A. (Babs) Whelan (PhD76) died on 7/5/07. Babs was a longtime research associate of (the late) Professor John C. Wriston, Jr. (FAC55-85). She also did research work for the New Bolton (PA) Equestrian Center, and was an accomplished horticulturist, serving as a flower show judge for the Delaware Horticultural Society.

Kenneth I. Eskow, O.D. (BS77) is an Optometrist with Parmas Contact Vision in Randolph, NJ.

David L. Mount (BS77) has joined the faculty of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. He is the Chair of the Pharmacy Education Academy, a program which facilitates the participation of upperclass persons in the mentoring of their younger classmates in conjunction with faculty in classroom and laboratory environments.

Walter C. Frank, J.D., Ph.D. (MS78) is yet another Blue Hen alumnus who has successfully negotiated a major career change. Following a successful career as a research chemist at International Flavors and Fragrances, he has transformed himself into a lawyer! Walt graduated from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in 5/06, passed the PA Bar Examination, and is now a member of Woodcock Washburn, LLP in Philadelphia.


R. Kirk Seiler, M.D. (BA80) is a Urologist with Urologic Surgery Associates, in Anderson, SC. Kirk is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Jeffrey M. McGuire (MS81) is now a scientist at the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen, MD Proving Grounds.

Arthur Smith (BS81, MS85) is pursuing two simultaneous careers. By day, he is a Senior Computer Programmer for the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Evenings and weekends, he becomes ArtSmith Photography.

Martin W. Brechbiel, Ph.D. (MS83) is the Chief of Chemistry for the Radioimmune and Inorganic Chemistry Section of the National Cancer Institute, in Bethesda, MD.

David M. Comen (BA83) is a Principal and Senior Consultant with Kestrel Horizons, LLC, in Greenville, SC.

Barbara S. Larson (PhD83) is the current President of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.

Lawrence W. Principé, Ph.D. (BS83), Professor of Chemistry and History of Science at Johns Hopkins University, was one of the featured speakers at the International Conference on the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, held at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, July 19-22, 2006. (C&E News, p.15, 7/31/06).

Jennifer P. (Cook) Seibert (BS83) is the Director of Intellectual Property for YM Biosciences, Inc., in Glen Gardner, NJ.

Bret D. Borchelt, M.D. (BS87) is engaged in private practice in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery in Winston-Salem, NC.

Daniel J. Suich (BS87) is a Senior Scientist with LS9, Inc.

Ronald C. Orlando (PhD88) is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia.


Barbara L. (Morrison) Albanese (MS90) is now a chemistry teacher at Lansdale (PA) Catholic High School. Husband Joe (PhD91) has added the title of Director of Worldwide Quality Systems to his position as Director of Specifications and Compendial Liaison for the Centocor Division of Johnson & Johnson.

J. Steven Anthony, Jr. (BS91) is a research chemist at the Department of the Army’s Aberdeen, MD Proving Ground.

Hung-Yu Lin (PhD91) is a research chemist with MedImmune, Inc., in Gaithersburg, MD

Todd M. Nelson (BS91) is a Principal Cheminformatics Scientist with AstraZeneca’s Discovery Information Group at its Boston R&D facility in Waltham, MA.

Lee J. Silverberg (PhD91) is a Principal Scientist with Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical Materials in West Deptford, NJ.

Dewey H. Barich, Ph.D. (BS92) is now a Research Associate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the University of Kansas’ Simons Laboratories, Lawrence.

Judith M. Campo-Sobota (BA93) is now serving as a full-time mother for her three children, having served as a chemistry and/or physical science teacher at Laurel, Caesar Rodney, and Polytech High Schools from 1993-2004.

Christopher D. Krause, Ph.D. (BS93) is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Professor Sidney Pestka, at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Michael W. Wagaman, Ph.D. (BS93) is the Director of Chemistry for ASDI in Newark, DE.

Erika S. (Oxenrider) Kindoll (BA94) is a chemistry teacher at the Tulpehocken Area High School, Bernville, PA. Erika gave birth to her first child, Makaylak Ann, on 9/9/06.

Loyce M. (Ciano) Bergin (BS95) is now the mother of three boys. Twins Christopher James and Liam Patrick were born on 5/19/07.

David S. Kohan (BA95) is a chemistry teacher in the Christiana (DE) School District

Christopher L. Kulp (BS95) has been promoted to the Director of the Contract Services Business at Richman Chemical, Lower Gynedd, PA.

Thomas E. Prisinzano, Ph.D. (BS95) is an Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Iowa.

Dolly Batra, Ph.D. (BS98) is a Post-Doctoral Associate in the laboratory of Dr. Millicent Firestone, at the Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL.

Xueying Huang (PhD98), is the Chief Technology Officer of Sepax, Newark, DE and one of its cofounders. The development of Sepax is featured in an article on “Life After DuPont” in C&E News, pp. 34-38, 8/14/06.

Piyush Shukla, Ph.D. (BS98) is an Advanced Development Chemist with Milliken & Company, Spartanburg, SC.

Sujata K. Bhatia’s, Ph.D., M.D. (BS99) honorific cup runneth over! She received a UD Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement on 10/13/06, followed by her induction into the Hall of Fame of Delaware Women on 3/15/07. Sujata is a Medical Research Scientist in Biochemical Sciences and Engineering at the DuPont Experimental Station.

Jennifer L. Paulson, Ph.D. (BS99) is now a Post-doctoral Associate of Professor Brian Druker at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, OR.


Daniel R. Dries, Ph.D. (BS00) is a Post-doctoral Associate of Dr. Gang Yu at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Center for Basic Neuroscience, in Dallas, TX. Dan received his doctorate in biomedical sciences from the University of California-San Diego in 11/06.

Joshua S. Figueroa, Ph.D. (BS00) has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at the University of California-San Diego, where he will be reunited on UC-SD’s faculty with his UD undergraduate mentor, Professor Arnold Rheingold (FAC84-03).

Keith E. Gutowski, Ph.D. (BS00) is a Post-doctoral Associate of Dr. Edward Maginn in Notre Dame University’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Keith received his doctorate from the University of Alabama.

Big changes in Daniel Sanborn’s (BS00) life: Dan and Kira Lynn Austin (UD01) carried out the Double Del Reaction on 6/5/06. In 12/05, Dan changed employers, and is now the Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager for Anton Parr USA, where he is responsible for rheology and surface potential analysis.

Peter J. Schebler (PhD00) is a Senior Chemist in the Product Chemistry and Analysis Section of the Midwest Research Institute’s Product Chemistry Division.

Amanda L. Stouffer, Ph.D. (BS00) received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania in 4/06. She stayed on as a post-doc in her mentor’s (Professor William DeGrado) laboratory, to complete the crystal structure solution of a major influenza virus drug target. Following that, she will become a Post-doctoral Associate of Professor Donald Hilvert at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland.

James B. Witkoskie, Ph.D. (BS00) is a Research Scientist with the MITRE Corporation, in Bedford, MA.

Suzanne C. Bart, Ph.D. (BS01), having completed her doctoral work at Cornell University, working with Professor Paul Chirik, is now a Post-doctoral Associate of Professor Karsten Meyer, at the University of Erlangen, Germany.

Gregory M. O’Neill (BS01), having begun his career working in crop genetics for DuPont, experienced an epiphany while serving as high school substitute teacher in the Syracuse (NY) City School District. Accordingly, he has entered into the North Carolina teacher certification program.

Laura (Tolen) Scarpaci, D. Pharm. (BS01) is a Research Scientist in Pain Management and Palliative Care in the Education Division of ExcelleRx, Inc., a Division of Omnicare, Inc., in Philadelphia.

Michael Scoblete (BS01) has experienced an epiphany of a different sort. Although he is still teaching chemistry at West Morris Mendham (NJ) High School, he has added philosophy to his teaching repertoire, and has initiated his D.Litt. studies at Drew University.

Catherine M. Visintainer, M.D. (BS02) has completed her M.D. degree at the New York Medical College. Cathy was selected to be her school’s recipient of the 2006 SAEM Medical Student Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award.

Allison Olszewski, Ph.D. (BS02) has changed employers while staying in place. Amgen bought Avidia last October.

Melis A. Arslan (BS03) and Craig Coraggio (UD BA04) tied yet another Double Del knot on 7/15/07. Melis received her M.S. in Biotechnology from Northeastern University in 12/06, and is now employed as a Research Associate with Millenium Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA

Todd M. Greco (BS03) is a doctoral candidate in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, working in the laboratory of Professor Harry Ischiropoulos.

Shih-Wen (Wenny) Lin (BS03) is also a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, albeit in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is the Vice Chair for International Affairs and member of the Executive Board of Penn’s Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.

Show-Jen Chiou (PhD04) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at the National Chiayi University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

This must be the year for twins! David W. Finneran (BS02, MS04) and his wife, Nicole, doubled the size of their family on 6/14/07 with the arrival of Grace Anne (5 lb., 11 oz.) and, 2 minutes later, Jack Wallace (4 lb., 14 oz.). “Mother and children are doing well and Dad did not pass out.” Dave is a doctoral student in oceanography at Texas A&M

Sookie Hwang (BS04) will begin her studies at New York University’s Dental School this coming fall.

Robet T. Mingoia (BS04) is an Associate Scientist with DuPont, in Newark,.

Andrea D. Placke (BS04) graduated from Pace University in 5/07, with an M.S. in Forensic Science, and is now a Forensic Chemist with the DEA – real-life CSI!

Lakshmi S. Subbarao (BS04) is a Chemical Technician with Advanced Materials Technology, Wilmington.

Carrie L. Ziemniak (BS04) was a participant in the 14th annual Komen Maryland Race for the Cure on 10/21/06.

Julie A. DuPont (PhD05) is now a Research Scientist with OSRAM Sylvania’s Precision Materials and Components Division in Towanda, PA.

Christopher S. Hamilton (PhD05) is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Hillsdale (MI) College.

Sarah E. Redding (BS05) is in her second year of medical school at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Rachel L. Sleighter (BS05) has moved, with her doctoral mentor, Professor Pat Hatcher, from Ohio State University to Old Dominion University.

Sommer R. Altvater (BA06) is an Associate Scientist with Dade Behring, in Newark.

Jason E. DeWitt (BS06) is a chemist in Merck’s Molecular Profiling and Proteomics Department, in Rahway, NJ

Timothy J. Martin (BS06) is a doctoral student in the Crimmins group at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Charlotte A. Mason (BS06) is a doctoral student at CalTech, working with Professor Harry Gray.

Adrienne R. Mohadjerin (BS06) has visited a great deal of the U.S., (32 cities, in all!), having completed her first year as a skater touring with Disney’s Monsters, Inc. Ice Show.

James J. Parris (BS06) has completed the first year of his Marshall Scholarship at the University of New Castle, England

Dominique M. Picarro (BA06) is a Laboratory Technician with Quest Pharmaceuticals, in Newark.