BHC HeaderAdjunct and Secondary Appointees Emeritus/Retired Faculty

Adjunct Faculty
Name Last Appointed
Manzer, Leo September, 2006
Matlack, Albert September, 2006
Panar, Manny September, 2006

Secondary Appointments
Name Affiliation Last Appointed
Bai, Steve (Asst Professor) Chemistry & Biochemistry January, 2005
Barteau, Mark Chemical Engineering September, 2006
Chatellier, Dana (Instructor) Chemistry & Biochemistry May, 2004
Chen, Jingguang Chemical Engineering September, 2005
Church, Tom Marine Studies September, 2006
Dykins, John (Instructor) Chemistry & Biochemistry July, 2006
Green, Pamela Plant and Soil Sciences September, 2006
Luther, George Marine Studies September, 2006
Morgan, Robin Animal Science September, 2006
Naik, Ulhas Biological Sciences September, 2004
Pochan, Darrin Materials Science September, 2004
Sandler, Stanley Chemical Engineering September, 2006
Simmons, Daniel Biological Sciences September, 2006
Sparks, Donald Plant and Soil Science September, 2006
Szalewicz, Kryszof Physics September, 2006
Emeritus Faculty
Name Affiliation
Brill, Thomas Professor Emeritus
Dennis, Don Professor Emeritus
Futrell, Jean Professor Emeritus
Heck, Richard Professor Emeritus
McCurdy, Wallace Associate Professor Emeritus
Schweizer, Edward Professor Emeritus
Trumbore, Conrad Associate Professor Emeritus
Wetlaufer, Donald Professor Emeritus
Wood, Robert Professor Emeritus

Retired Faculty
Name Affiliation
Evans, Dennis Professor, Analytical Chem.
Rheingold, Arnold Professor, Inorganic Chem.