...who “escaped”, and their last known whereabouts
The few lucky ones...
Daniel Lins (BS‘05)
now at ExxonMobil
Andrea Gallo (BS’05)
now at Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Prof. Yuki Yamasaki (visiting scholar ‘05)
now at Hosei Univ., Japan
Gary DiFilippo (BS’06)
Justin Merz (BS‘06)
John Meyers (BS’08)
now at University of Kansas
Jonathan Hullmann (BS’08)  now at Thomas Jefferson University
Prof. Sheng-Qing Xia (postdoc '05-'08)  now at Shandong Univ., China
Dr. Paul H. Tobash (Ph.D’09)  now at Los Alamos National Lab
Cpt. Dereck Wilson (MS '10)  now at U.S. Mil. Academy West Point
Prof. Tae-Soo You (postdoc '09-'10)  now at Chungbuk Univ., Korea