Class of 2003 Howard Hughes Summer Analytical Chemistry Scholars

Summer Analytical Chemistry Program
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Delaware

Ed Kerstetter

Interboro High School, Prospect Park, PA
High School AP Chemistry Teacher: Mr. Kirk McGrotty

I first became interested in Chemistry during my sophomore year in high school. I was intrigued with the idea of knowing what took place when different molecules were mixed together. I greatly hope to attend UD and to play baseball for them. Currently I am taking AP Physics and wish to major in some field of physics, which I hope to know by next year. Most likely I will minor in Computer Science.

College or University chosen: Penn State, St. Joseph's, University of Delaware


Richard Lam

Concord High School
High School AP Chemistry Teacher: Wanda S. Lentz

I like chemistry because it is the Central Science. Chemistry deals with everyday life. Some branches of chemistry rely heavily on math, and I love to apply math to chemistry. I also think chemistry is kind of abstract because the quantity of analyte can be extremely small and hard to grasp. Dealing with chemistry is adventurous, and it can be dangerous if you don't take proper precautions.

For my future plans, in addition to chemistry, I am interested in meteorology, human and physical geography, earth science, urban planning and transportation planning. I would love to be a meteorologist with a part-time job as an urban planner and transportation manager, I would like to go to Penn State or the University of Delaware.

College or University chosen: Penn State, University of Delaware, Rutgers, Northland


Anne Lee

The Charter School of Wilmington
High School AP Chemistry Teacher: Dr. Pamela Rush

I have always liked chemistry; I remember testing my brothers on the periodic table symbols at about age ten. Chemistry and Biology interest me, and I'm considering becoming a doctor, although I don't know what I'll specialize in yet.

College or University chosen: undecided


Brian Rosen

The Charter School of Wilmington
High School AP Chemistry Teacher: Dr. Pamela Rush

I have always had a special interest in the physical sciences, but I truly started to enjoy chemistry after taking a semester-long class my freshman year. As my knowledge of chemistry grew, so did my interests in the more complex concepts involved. I ended up taking 2 more years of chemistry during my sophomore and junior years. After completing AP Chemistry, I realized that I wanted to make Chemistry or Chemical Engineering my major. Chemical Engineering has a diverse range of fields and study areas that appeal to me, so I look forward to enhancing my knowledge in some of these areas so I can have the career of my dreams.

College or University chosen: University of Delaware


Arjun Varma

The Charter School of Wilmington
High School AP Chemistry Teacher: Dr. Pamela Rush

College or University chosen: undecided; University of Delaware, UC Berkeley, NYU


High School Teacher Mrs. Wanda Lentz

Concord High School
· B.S., Chemistry, Southern Arkansas University
· ACS top high school chemistry teacher (may, 2002)
· Concord High School Teacher of the Year (2001-2002)
· One of three Delaware finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching (2000)

I consider teaching to be one of the highest callings, and I have found it to be most rewarding and fulfilling. I love having the opportunity to touch the lives of young people. My goal for students who leave my classroom is for them to have gained confidence in their ability to tackle tough subject matter, to know how to approach problems, and to have a spark of interest in them that leads to a lifetime of learning.

High School Teacher Mary McClory, Chair

· B.A. Salem State College
· Ph.D. University of Rhode Island

Dr. McClory is happy to have completed her first year in the HHMI Summer Analytical Chemistry Program at the University of Delaware. She joined the Padua Academy faculty in 1996, where she is presently Chair of the Science Department. She enjoys teaching at the secondary level and is presently an instructor for chemistry and biology. Her professional experience includes a faculty position in the Chemistry Department of Connecticut College, and research positions at GTE Laboratories and the University of Delaware's Department of Chemical Engineering. Mrs. McClory considers her varied background to be an asset in teaching her students. She is an advocate for an inquiry-based approach to learning science. Dr. McClory's students have participated in local science fairs and career exploration activities. She was a recipient of an MBNA Educational Grant for the purchase of calculator-based laboratory equipment and also authored a Hercules mini-grant proposal for the purchase of a digital camera. Dr. McClory is the co-moderator for the National Honor Society. She is a mentor for Padua's Learning through Service Program, and, this year, she is the chair of Middle States Self-Study Committee.


Professor Thomas P. Beebe, Jr.
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
175 Brown Lab
Newark, DE 19716

302-831-1888 (leave message if no answer)