Summer Chemistry Research Opportunities
Summer of 2004
Tuesday July 6 through Friday August 13, 2004 (six weeks)

Summer Analytical Chemistry Program
for High School Students and Teachers

This summer the University of Delaware Chemistry and Biochemistry Department is holding an outreach "summer camp" program for a limited number of high school students and one or two high school teachers. The 6-week program will be taught on the campus of the University of Delaware by Professor Thomas P. Beebe, Jr. The program is supported in part by the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and successful participants earn the title "Howard Hughes Analytical Scholar."

What is Analytical Chemistry? Analytical Chemistry is the foundation of all measurement sciences, whether in biology, chemistry or physics. A good analytical chemist understands how to make the best chemical measurement as well as the limitations of that measurement. Analytical Chemistry has important impacts on forensics, genetics, biotechnology, semiconductors, nanotechnology, medicine and many other fields. Students will be immersed in a college-level analytical chemistry experience with appropriate laboratory exercises.

Brief Description of Program Activities. The program will consist of daily lectures by Professor Beebe, nightly homework assignments, daily homework review sessions led by high school teachers, daily laboratory exercises and experiments, and other activities. Students will also participate in field trips to local companies and government agencies where analytical chemistry is used in important ways.

Eligibility. The program will be limited to approximately 20 high school students so that close personal supervision can be provided. We are seeking serious students with an interest in chemistry. Students that wish to spend part of their summer in a challenging, productive and enriching experience are encouraged to apply. Students must have completed AP chemistry, and they should have an overall GPA of 3.0 or greater. The students will normally have just completed their junior year of AP Chemistry, although sophomores and seniors will also be considered if they have taken AP chemistry. All applicants must have taken AP Chemistry. Students from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland are all eligible to apply. Students must be able to provide or obtain their own transportation to the UD campus, or make their own local living arrangements. This program is not a residential program.

Dates, Times and Fees. Activities will run from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Monday through Friday. After acceptance into the program, there is a one-time fee of $200 to help pay for textbooks and supplies. Students may elect to receive a grade for a 4-credit course (Chem 119 or Chem 220/221) at the University of Delaware (additional costs).

History. This program is a new program for the University of Delaware, building upon a successful 10-year history of a similar program that Professor Beebe directed while he was on the faculty at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Details of the program can be found on the web site: by following the link for Summer Analytical Chemistry Program. Past students have gone on to successful careers at the most prestigious colleges and universities, many winning lucrative scholarships to do so.

Application Process. Interested applicants should contact Professor Beebe directly by e-mail or phone at the address below. A completed application will include 3 letters of recommendation from appropriate sources, a copy of the student's transcript, a copy of the student's AP test results in all subjects including chemistry if available, and a filled-in Application Form. A fourth letter is required from the applicant's parent or guardian, expressing their strong support for their child's decision to participate, and their willingness to assist and support their child in the commitment that this program requires. Please send all materials together in one packet, due April 15, or until enough suitable applicants are admitted.

Mrs. Lisa Robinson
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
106 Brown Lab
Newark, DE 19716

302-831-3614 (leave message if no answer)
(Parent questions welcomed and encouraged.)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program