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Analytical Chemistry

Our program emphasizes basic research on chemical phenomena underlying analytical measurements. Our research activities span the field of analytical chemistry.

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Mass spectrometry (Professors Thomas Beebe, Murray Johnston, Burnaby Munson)
Optical spectroscopy (Professors Karl Booksh,
Sharon Neal)
Surface science (Professors
Thomas Beebe, Andrew Teplyakov)
Electrochemistry (Professor
George Luther)
Separation science (Professors
Burnaby Munson)
Chemometrics (Professo
Karl Booksh, Steven Brown, Sharon Neal)

We offer interdisciplinary research projects including areas such as environmental science and industrial processes. Collaborations with local industry are encouraged.

Bioanalytical Chemistry:

    • Professor Thomas Beebe (single-molecule protein-receptor ligand forces)
    • Professor Karl Booksh (point-of-care sensors for biomarkers)
    • Professor Steven Brown (clinical chemometrics, data mining)
    • Professor Sharon Neal (fluorescence probing of model membranes)

Materials Science:

Environmental Chemistry:

    • Professor Thomas Beebe (surface-sensitive analytical methods for particulate surface chemistry)
    • Professor Karl Booksh (field portable environmental sensors)
    • Professor Thomas Church (atomic spectoscopy, atmospheric and marine chemistry)
    • Professor Murray Johnston (atmospheric aerosols; aerosol chemistry; airborne particle characterization)
    • Professor George Luther (marine chemistry, environmental sensors, chemical speciation of water samples including molecular clusters and nanoparticles)

Industrial Chemistry:

    • Professor Steven Brown (process control using chemometrics, calibration transfer, robust calibration methods)
    • Professor Murray Johnston (workplace aerosols; nanotechnology)

Surface Science:

    • Professor Thomas Beebe (momolayer films confined in molecule corrals)
    • Professor Karl Booksh (selective and non-fouling coatings for chemical sensors)
    • Professor Andrew Teplyakov (chemistry of bimetallic alloys, chemistry of alkyl aluminum compounds on semiconductors)

Analytical/Physical Seminars and Colloquia

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