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The Center for Disabilities Studies is affiliated with undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Delaware, which offers a variety of degrees for students interested in disability issues and related fields of practice.

Undergraduate Programs in Disabilities


Minor in Disabilities Studies
The minor in Disabilities Studies provides a unique interdisciplinary opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about the policies, services, and systems that support the full participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life. Students are required to complete 18 credits of coursework including a capstone senior seminar that engages students in hands-on experience and application to real-life situations. More...

Related Undergraduate Programs

Elementary Teacher Education
Beginning freshman year, students engage in field experience, progressing to extended student-teaching experience during senior year. Students are taught to develop into reflective practitioners who can serve diverse school communities and have the opportunity to receive certification in special education.  Visit the School of Education website.

Early Childhood Education 
Focusing on the social-psychological, cognitive, and physical aspects of development, students learn to work with young children in school, family, and institutional settings. All graduates are endorsed for certification in early care and education (birth to second grade) and early childhood special education. Visit the Department of Human Development and Family Studies website.

Speech/Language Pathology                 
The concentration in Speech/Language Pathology focuses on the scientific study of human cognition and communication. It is designed to provide a strong foundation for students wishing to pursue careers as speech/language pathologists or audiologists. Such careers require a graduate degree, and graduate programs involve an intensive course of study—as well as clinical practicum experiences—to enable their students to satisfy the requirements for professional certification. Visit the Department of Linguistics & Cognitive Science website.


Related Graduate Programs

M.Ed. in Exceptional Children and Youth 
Designed for those who wish to work with individuals with disabilities, this program prepares students for a range of professional careers in education. There are five areas of specialization: elementary special education, secondary and transition special education, special education technology, severe disabilities, and educational diagnosis. Visit the School of Education website.

Masters Plus Certification Program in Exceptional Children and Youth
This special pathway program, which builds off of the M.Ed. in Exceptional Children and Youth, helps students obtain their teacher certification in special education. Students will work in schools as paraprofessionals during the first year and as classroom teachers during the second year.  Visit the Masters Plus Certification Program website.

Continuing Education Opportunities

The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities Leadership Institutes
Held each summer and winter, these intensive week-long institutes offer a select group of people from organizations across the country the opportunity to join with a faculty of national experts in disability issues. Supporting the development of skilled, passionate leaders, the course emphasizes participation and collaboration. Participants work to create solutions to myriad organizational and leadership challenges and help ensure appropriate service delivery to individuals with disabilities. University of Delaware graduate credits are available for this course. Participants wishing to receive graduate credits will be required to pay an additional fee. More...