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Positive Behavior Support

The Delaware Positive Behavior Support Training Initiative is a collaborative project with the Delaware Department of Education, the University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies, and Delaware Public Schools.  This statewide initiative is designed to build the knowledge and skills of Delaware educators in the concepts and practices of Positive Behavior Supports (PBS).  PBS uses a three-tiered approach to develop positive learning environments and prevent problem behaviors. The first tier, School-wide PBS, uses universal strategies implemented throughout the school to support the positive behavior of all students.  The second tier applies additional strategies for students who need more support at this targeted level.  For the remaining approximately 5% of students who do not respond to universal and targeted strategies, individualized supports are developed at the third tier.  At each tier, school-based teams are developed to design a plan of implementation based on the needs of the school and individual students and data is used for decision-making at each level. 

Implementing school-wide strategies often results in fewer students exhibiting problem behaviors and gives more time to the smaller number of students with more intensive supports.  PBS also supports an inclusive culture by creating a common language and vision for staff to support all students learning together, both those with and without disabilities and/or behavior problems. PBS promotes a positive climate not only for students, but staff and families as well through increasing a sense of community and focus on promotion recognition of the positive behaviors of everyone in the school.

The PBS initiative provides professional development to schools in all levels of implementation.  PBS is currently being implemented in over 50% of Delaware public schools ranging from preschools to high schools, as well as schools serving special populations.  In order to build capacity at the local level, the project provides training and technical assistance to PBS Coaches from partnering school districts who in turn support the implementation of PBS in schools within their district.   The district PBS Coaches are a critical part of the success of PBS in Delaware. 

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