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Early Care and Education Workforce Study

In 2006, at the request of the Delaware Early Care and Education Council, the Center for Disabilities Studies undertook a study to examine the current state of Delaware’s early care and education workforce. The study was further supported with funding from the 21st Century Learning Centers Program, the Office of Early Care and Education, and the Delaware First Professional Development System.

To begin the study, the Center interviewed directors at randomly selected early care and education programs throughout the state, gathering information on the economic aspects of early care and education programs, benefits available to directors and the programs’ employees, directors’ educational experience and career goals.  Surveys were also conducted with teachers employed by randomly selected programs that were involved in having the director answering the questions of the interview.  The survey of the teachers  centered on issues related to employees in the field of early care and education, such as wages and benefits, employment rates and conditions, and educational level and professional development. The data was then analyzed and presented to the Delaware Early Care and Education Council in a detailed report that summarized findings and offered insights.

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