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Community Connectors

Sponsored by the Center for Disabilities Studies at the University of Delaware, Community Connectors helps adults with disabilities become involved in their community. Through the program, participants build skills, network, and socialize. Interested individuals can become involved in two programs: the Individual Program and the Group Program. Contact a staff member to find out which programs are right for you! Adults with disabilities (age 18 and older) who live, or plan to live, independently are eligible to apply. Fees for the programs are currently being evaluated.

The Individual Program

Through the Individual Program, participants pursue personal interests and become involved in their community. With support from program staff, self-motivated participants create their own goals and then implement plans to achieve those goals. In the past, these goals have included joining a sports team, volunteering, or taking art classes.

The Individual Program Process

1) Participants meet informally with staff members to share interests and define specific goals.
2) Participants seek out opportunities of interest and engage in their chosen activity. To help with this process, the staff has an extensive list of activities in the community.
3) Approximately two to four times per month, participants meet with staff to share their progress and successes. This time can be used to brainstorm solutions to any problems that may have arisen. Participants continue with their activity until they fulfill their goals and create their own connections. (Due to the popularity of this program, there is a wait list.)

The Group Program

The Group Program is a wonderful opportunity for participants to build friendships and gain new experiences. Though this program requires less commitment than the Individual Program, regular participation helps maintain membership benefits. Further, many people take part in group activities while on the wait list for the Individual Program. Examples of Group Activities include: bowling, sporting events, movies, dinners, educational opportunities, theater, and volunteering.

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