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Minor in Disabilities Studies: Why Consider?


Why consider a minor in Disabilities Studies?

The College of Education and Human Development offers a minor in Disabilities Studies, with courses taught by faculty from across the university. The minor in Disabilities Studies provides a unique interdisciplinary opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about the policies, services, and systems that support the full participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life. Students from a variety of majors benefit from a greater understanding of disabilities professionally and personally.

Why consider a minor in Disabilities Studies?

The Disabilities Studies Minor is open to students in any major who have an interest in disability.  A greater understanding of disability is important professionally and personally regardless of the field in which you plan to work.

Students in the minor have access to a variety of disability resources, academic and service projects, and regular faculty advisement.

The minor includes a senior seminar that engages students in applying what they have learned to real-life situations.

Students can select courses that fit with requirements of the minor and are applicable to their major field of study, or take the opportunity to engage in coursework that extends beyond the scope of previous studies.

Relevant independent studies and undergraduate research electives may be counted toward the minor requirements.

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CDS Faculty and Staff

Laura Eisenman, Ph.D., associate professor in the School of Education

Mary Thomas, program administrative coordinator