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The Center for Disabilities Studies' delAware is a newsletter for people with disabilities, their families and the professionals who support them; it is published up to two times each year. Each issue focuses on a topic relating to disabilities and highlights the work CDS is doing to support the well-being, inclusion and empowerment of people with disabilities and their families. The newsletter is distributed to more than 3,000 individuals, families, legislators, policy makers and professionals.
In past years, CDS published delAware: A Research Brief, which highlighted research efforts related to supporting individuals with disabilities in the community. This website includes both the current and past issues of delAware and delAware: A Research Brief.

Fall 2013 delAware
Center for Disabilities Studies' 20th Anniversary

2013 delAware Interactive PDF: This issue of delAware is in an updated and accessible format. If you have any issues with the format, send an email to ud-cds@udel.edu.

Summer 2012 delAware (released August 2012)


This issue in newsletter format (pdf).

Interview with Jamie Wolfe, self-advocate and CDS disabilities specialist (pdf) (Word)

This issue also is available in text-only Word documents. There is a separate document for each article.

Page 1 - About This Issue

Page 1 - Developmental Disabilities Act Provides a Mandate for Self-advocacy

Page 2 - UD Student Stands Up for What He Believes In to Bring About Change

Page 2 - CDS Promotes Self-advocacy with Person-centered Programs

Page 3 - Delaware Leadership Programs Create Advocates and Self-advocates

Page 4 - Empowering Delawareans to Advocate for Themselves

Page 4-5 - Delawareans Develop Self-advocacy Plan and Goals at Summit
Page 5 - Resources Suggested by Summit Participants

Page 6 - Best Buddy Billie Jobson Believes in Self-advocacy for Everyone



Summer 2011 delAware (released June 2011)

Strengthening Connections

This issue in newsletter format (pdf).



Summer 2010 delAware


This issue in newsletter format (pdf)

This issue also is available in text-only Word documents (pdf). There is a separate document for each article.

Page 1 - About This Issue

Page 1 - A Person-centered Approach Eases Life Transitions

Page 2 - Skills, Desires, and Goals Guide Individualized Employment Plans (Employment Services)

Page 2 - A Transition Guide for Parents

Page 2 - Transition Resources and Programs

Page 3 - CBEA Students Develop Skills to Transition to Adulthood

Page 3 - Pathways for Life Programs Build Independence

Page 4 - Workshops Focus on Taking Responsibility for Health Care

Page 4 - The Care Notebook: A Record-keeping Tool



Fall 2009

Family Supports

This issue in newsletter format (pdf)



Spring 2009


This issue in newsletter format (pdf)

This issue also is available in Word. There is a separate document for each article.

Page 1 - About this issue

Page 1 -Improving the Health and Well-being of Delawareans with Disabilities

Page 2 - Helping Young Adults Navigate the Health Care Transition Process

Page 2 - Accessible Outdoor Recreation

Page 3 - The Challenge of Preventing Secondary Health Conditions

Page 3 - A New Health Information Resource for Families

Page 3 - Share Your First Person Health Stories with CDS

Page 4 -Improving Fitness Center Accessibility

Page 4 - Accessibility Booklets



Spring 2008 delAware

Summer 2007 delAware
Direct Support Professionals: A Mainstay in the Disability Community

Spring 2006 delAware

Winter 2005 delAware

Summer 2004 delAware
Assistive Technology

Winter 2004 delAware
Mental Health

Summer 2003 delAware
Advocacy and state and federal legislative activity

Spring 2003 delAware: A Research Brief
Attendant Care Services

Spring 2003 delAware

Spring 2002 delAware
Child abuse

Fall 2001 delAware: A Research Brief
Home Visiting

Fall 2001 delAware
Annual Update

Summer 2001 delAware
Family Support

Spring 2001 delAware: A Research Brief
Direct Support Professionals

Spring 1998 - Article about Beth MacDonald