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The artwork in the 2009-2010 Annual Report / 2011 Calendar was created at Artfest, an annual Center for Disabilities Studies event that brings together people with disabilities, University of Delaware students with a minor in disabilities studies, and other UD students and volunteers. Led by art therapist Lisa Bartoli of the Art Therapy Express Program, Inc.,  participants t the 2010 event painted landscapes and other works of art, some with the aid of adaptive devices. Photos of the artists and helpers are part of this calendar and can also be found, along with photos of the artwork, in the 2010 Artfest gallery (see below).

The Art Therapy Express Program is located at Lisa Bartoli’s Kaleidoscope Studio at New Castle County’s Absalom Jones Community Center in Newport, Delaware. It is an instructional art education and therapy program that allows children, teenagers, and adults to explore alternative means of communication through the arts.

2011 Artfest:   Participants and Volunteers     Artwork

2010 Artfest:   Participants and Volunteers     Artwork

2009 Artfest    Participants and Volunteers     Artwork

2008 Artfest Gallery