who we are image Who We Are

Our Vision
The Center for Community Research & Service envisions socially and economically just communities.

Our Mission
We provide usable knowledge, education, training and services that enhance the ability of organizations and communities to promote social and economic justice.

Our Values

We believe in strong and thriving communities based on our core values:

• Healthy communities
• Social and economic justice
• Human dignity and equality
• Democracy and civic involvement
• Experiential and continuous learning
• Collaboration
• Community participation
• Reflective practice

Our History
Formally founded in 1972 as the Urban Agent Program, CCRS is the University of Delaware’s focal point for community engagement and action. The need for a program of this type was identified in 1961 when the University of Delaware received a five-year grant from the Ford Foundation to establish the Division of Urban Affairs with the mission of developing a permanent, on-going system of education, research, and service relating to urban problems. The Division of Urban Affairs eventually evolved into today's Center for Community Research and Service. Over the years, CCRS has been known by many names including the Urban Agent Division, Center for Community Development and Center for Community Development and Family Policy. Throughout these organizational changes, CCRS has remained committed to promoting social and economic justice in our local and national communities.

CCRS Staff & Faculty

Dr. Deborah Auger
Interest: Nonprofit Leadership, contracting
Room: 298J Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831- 1696
E-mail: auger@udel.edu

Ms. Janice Barlow
Interest: Children & Families
Room: 298B Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-3462
E-mail: jls@udel.edu

Ms. Signe Clayton Bell
Assistant Director
298C Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-3467
E-mail: signe@udel.edu

Dr. Gwen Brown
Parent support & training
Suite 812, Community Services Building
Tel: (302) 573-4475
E-mail: gbbrown@udel.edu

Dr. Karen Curtis
Interest: Nonprofit leadership & management, welfare reform
Room: 298L Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-6854
E-mail: kacurtis@udel.edu

Dr. Kathy Denhardt
Interest: Civic Engagement, Conflict Resolution
Room: 180D Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-3264
E-mail: kgden@udel.edu

Dr. Ruth Fleury-Steiner
Interest: Domestic abuse
Room: 116 Allison Hall West
Tel: (302) 831-8560
Email: rfs@udel.edu

Mr. Roger Hesketh
Sr. Program Manager, Public Allies-Delaware
Location: Wilmington Office
Tel: (302) 573-4438
E-mail: rogerh@publicallies.org

Ms. Raheemah Jabbar-Bey
Interests: Community development, community revitalization
Room: 298P Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-8564
E-mail: jabbarra@udel.edu

Ms. Mary Joan McDuffie
health policy
190B Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-3788
E-mail: mcduffie@udel.edu

Dr. John McNutt
NP leadership, advocacy, technology
298D Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-0765
E-mail: mcnuttjg@udel.edu

Ms. Christina Morrow
Director, Public Allies-Delaware
Location: Wilmington Office
Tel: (302) 573-4438
E-mail: cgarrett@udel.edu
E-mail: christinag@publicallies.org

Ms. Yvette Murray
Sr. Secretary
Location: Wilmington Office
Tel: (302) 573-4475
E-mail: ymurray@udel.edu

Ms. Carolyn Petrak
Wilmington Office Manager, CCRS Communications Coordinator
Wilmington Office
Tel: (302) 573-4475
E-mail: cpetrak@udel.edu

Dr. Steven Peuquet
Center Director
Interests: Housing, homelessness, technology
Room: 298G Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-1689
E-mail: speuquet@udel.edu

Ms. Crystal Ross
Staff Assistant
298G Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-6780, (302) 831-6769 (psnl)
E-mail: cross@udel.edu

Rep. Terry Schooley
Kids Count in Delaware, children’s issues
Room: 298K Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-4966
E-mail: terrys@udel.edu

Dr. Bahira Sherif-Trask
Interests: Aging, ethnicity
Room: 102 Allison Hall West
Tel: (302) 831-8187

Dr. Paul L. Solano
Economics, health policy
190C Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-1693
E-mail: solano@udel.edu

Dr. Danilo Yanich
Crime & media, juvenile justice
298F Graham Hall
Tel: (302) 831-1710
E-mail: dyanich@udel.edu

Ms. Jennie Yeow
Program Manager, Public Allies-Delaware
Location: Wilmington Office

Tel: (302) 573-4438