This program tracks the health, economic, educational and social well being of kids and families in Delaware based on a broad range of indicators. This data provides the basis for organizations to focus their work and shape policy.

Housing Capacity Building Program
Strengthens the capacity of housing organizations in Delaware to build more homes and place more people in afford-able housing.

Local TV News Media Project
Local television news remains the most prominent news source for citizens regarding their communities. With that in mind, the Local TV News Media Project has been examining local TV news broadcasts since 1990. The project is concerned with local television news content and its impact on the public's perception of their world. Are we more consumers rather than citizens? How does that affect, if at all, civic engagement? Public discourse? Public policy?

PACT Family Support Network
Promotes the training, support, and empowerment of parents, parent educators, and grassroots parent leaders. PACT stands for Parents as Advocates, Counselors, and Teachers.

Public Allies Delaware
A young adult leadership program linking the agencies that serve our communities with young leaders trained to identify their needs and support their work.