Biomechanics and Movement Science program - University of Delaware
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Master's Degree Course Requirements

  • Plan of Study
    Coursework must be specified in the student's planned program of study.
  • 8 courses total
    24 credits of graduate-level coursework and 6 credits of thesis.
  • 1 in Experimental Design or Statistics
    Must include at least 3 credits of Experimental Design or Statistics.
  • 1 in Instrumentation, Computing, or Engineering
    Also must include at least 3 credits in either Instrumentation, Computing, or Engineering applications.
  • 2 outside area of study
    Six of the 24 credits of coursework must come from areas outside of the student's principal area of study.
  • 2 BIOMS seminar courses (0 credit)
    In addition, students must register for and attend 2 semesters of Seminar (BMSC 865).
  • Up to 2 Independent Study courses
    Students in the Master's degree program are allowed to take a maximum of 6 credits of independent study. Additional independent study credits will not count towards graduation.
  • Can Transfer up to 3 courses
    A maximum of 9 graduate credit hours may be transferred from another institution to the degree.