Applications Procedure

Admission Requirements

Identify an Advisor

The Advisor is one of the most important people in research training so applicants to the BIOMS Program must identify an advisor before their application will even be considered for admission. The Advisor helps the student develop a Plan of Study and mentors the student in all aspects of the BIOMS Program including the research process. The Plan of Study is an individualized group of courses designed to provide the student with breadth and depth of knowledge in his or her chosen Area of Study.


The Areas of Study are broadly categorized as:

  • Applied Anatomy & Biomechanics (AAB)
  • Applied/Exercise Physiology (AEP)
  • Molecular & Tissue Engineering (MTE)
  • Motor Control & Behavior (MCB)
  • Rehabilitation Engineering (RE)

Specific details about the Plan of Study can be found in Study with Us.

Students should identify the Area of Study that suits their interests and then find an Advisor with appropriate content expertise to mentor them in the chosen Area of Study. Information about Faculty Research Interests and the Areas of Study in which they mentor students can be found in the BIOMS Faculty Directory.

For applicants who have not identified an Advisor, when all of the materials of the application for admission are uploaded to the online admission system, the BIOMS Faculty will be notified. Applicants maycontact potential Advisors at any time however, faculty must be able to review an applicant's application to determine their suitablilty to serve as an Advisor. Applicants are often anxious to contact potential advisors but doing so before application materials are available for review can result in a less than enthusiastic response from faculty who might otherwise be willing to serve as the applicant's advisor.

It is the he Advisor who provides funding for the student during his or her studies at UD. Funding comes from many sources including Research Assistantships, Graduate Assistantships and Teaching in the “home” department (ie. the department in which the Advisor has his/her primary appointment). More information about funding for Graduate Study can be found at at the Office of Graduate and Professional Education.

Once the applicant identifies an Advisor, he or she should notify the BIOMS Staff Assistant as soon as possible so the application can be reviewed as soon as possible. The Staff Assistant will then notify the BIOMS Executive Committee that (1) the application is complete and that (2) an Advisor has been identified and the Executive Committee will evaluate the application at the next meeting. The Executive Committee meets approximately once a month. Applicants will be notified of the decision of the Executive Committee as soon as possible after their applications have been evaluated.

For details of the English Language Institute Conditional Admission Program (ELI-CAP) please click HERE.

  • 300 minimum recommended score (combined quantitative and verbal)
  • Undergraduate grade point index of 3.0 or higher
  • Minimum grade point index of 3.0 in prerequisite courses considered important for the student's Area of Study
  • TOEFL IBT minimum of 90 (international students only)
  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (international students only)
  • International students - see for more information
Prerequisite Courses

Because of the broad and varied interests of BIOMS students, prerequisite courses vary depending on the Area of Study. However, applicants are expected to have experience in the areas of:

  • math (through calculus)
  • anatomy/physiology
  • physics (2 semesters)
  • chemistry (2 semesters)

Students who are deficient in 1-2 of these recommended courses may be offered conditional admission. Conditional Admission is one in which the student is admitted to the program but s/he must successfully complete certain activities or coursework in order to continue in the program. Successful completion of such courses is demonstrated by earning a grade of B (3.0) or better.

Application Deadlines

The BIOMS Program has rolling admissions so students may apply at any time. However we recommend that you complete your application by the dates below to start in the semester indicated to ensure adequate time to process the application. Please keep in mind that students must identify an Advisor before their applications will be reviewed. Potential advisors will need time to review your application as they consider different applicants for positions in their research labs.

  • Complete application by mid-April** for Fall Semester (July 1 - final deadline to apply)
  • Complete application by mid-Sep for Winter Session
  • Complete application by mid-Oct for Spring Semester (Dec 1 - Final deadline to apply

  • ** Students wishing to apply for the Graduate Scholars Awards must be admitted in the fall semester and complete the application process by the deadline stated on the web site for the Office of Graduate and Professional Education.

Submission through the Office of Graduate Studies

Materials include:

  • Application fee
  • Official transcripts of previous college records
  • At least three letters of recommendation
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores (foreign students only)

Please note that the BIOMS program is not under a specific College, rather we comprise 3 colleges, Arts & Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences. However, when applying to the program, you should choose the College of Health Sciences in order to complete your application.

Graduate Student Tuition and Fees

The majority of BIOMS students receive a stipend over the 9 month academic year and may receive a stipend during the summer months depending on the availabiltiy of funds. Funding for graduate students is merit based and includes: teaching assistantships (TA), gradute assistantships (GA), research assistantships (RA), fellowships, and Tuition Scholarships. For more information on the responsibilities of these funding opportunities please visit the web site of the Office of Professional and Graduate Education and click on link for "Funding".

Funding for BIOMS Students is offered by the Home Department (the department in which the Faculty Advisor has his or her primary faculty appointment). For example, funding for BIOMS students whose advisor is a faculty member in the Department of Physical Therapy, comes from the Department of Physical Therapy. Therefore, applicants who contact BIOMS faculty as they are looking for an advisor should inquire about funding available through the Home Department at the same time.