Peer Evaluation for Lecture

Name ________________________   Group # _____________ Tutor _________________

Please assign scores that reflect how you really feel about everyone’s performance in your group – how did their participation contribute to your learning or to your group’s performance?  This will be your only opportunity to reward the members of your group who actually worked hard on your behalf. If everyone contributed equally and met the expected standards of performance, then everyone deserves the same score – a 10. But if there were unequal contributions and you gave everyone the same score, you would be hurting those who did the most and helping those who did the least. I reserve the right to adjust scores if I feel an injustice has been done to someone.

Instructions: In the space below, rate each group member (besides yourself). Consider some of the following things when assigning a score. When you did group activities
     Did the person come prepared (with notes and/or book, showing evidence of
  having read the assigned chapter?)
     Did the person listen and show respect for the opinions of others?
     Did the person contribute relevant information to the group’s discussion?
     Did the person communicate ideas and information clearly?
     Did the person attend each group session and was he/she punctual?
  (exceptions would be excused absences)

To complete the evaluation you should:
     1. List the name of each group member (not yourself) in alphabetical order
     2. Assign points from 0-10 to each member, where 10 = 100% and 9 = 90%, etc.    Scores of 9.5, 8.5, etc can be given. With few exceptions (where group members simply have not come at all, or are always unprepared), scores should range from about 7 to 10.
     3. Differentiate in your ratings if appropriate. Two members may have done their full share of work and deserve a 10. Someone else may deserve a 9.5, 9, or less. No one should get a very low  score unless the person has not attended on problem days or has shown very little effort to assist in group work..

Group Member’s Name                                                           Score

Additional Feedback:  In the space below, briefly describe your reasons for your highest and lowest ratings. Then please add additional subjective comments about group members
1. Reason for highest rating:                                                  2. Reason for lowest rating
3.  Additional subjective comments about any of your group members.