Videos of Vascular Models

Since rendered three dimensional models are actual three dimensional ojects in cyberpace they can be rotated and tilted in any direction and the movement recorded cinematically and scripted into a video format (i.e. mpeg) for viewing as a movie. Alternatively, the 3D object can be moved in front of a stationary camera position (worldview) or a path for a moving camera can be plotted so that the perspective is of a fly through around and within the model. Each of the images below is linked to an mpeg movie of various corrosion castmodels demonstrating these capabilities.

Rendered Glomerular Model
Semitransparent Surface Model of Glomerulus
Anaglyph of Surface Rendered Glomerulus
Skeleton of Glomerulus Model with One Orthoslice
Skeleton Color-coded for Original Model Thickness
Skeleton of Glomerular Model with Cylindrical Construct
Skeleton of Glomerular Model with Branch Points Marked
Anaglyph of Gill Capillaries
Skeleton of Gill Capillaries with One Orthoslice
Gill Capillary Model with Skeleton Emerging
Anaglyph of Gill Capillary Model with Skeleton
Colored Low Magnification Confocal Projection of Lung Capillaries
Confocal Projection of Lung Capillary Corrosion Cast
Normal Mouse Lung Model of Corrosion Cast
Elastase-Treated Mouse Lung Model Simulating Emphysema
Normal Mouse Lung Surface Rendered with Skeleton
Skeleton of Emphysemic Mouse Lung Capillaries
Anaglyph of Emphysemic Lung Skeleton
Model of Mouse Kidney Major Vessels from Micro CT Data
Anaglyph of Mouse Kidney Major Vessels
Semitransparent Surface Rendering of Mouse Major Vessels with Skeleton
Anaglyph of Mouse Kidney Surface and Skeleton
Flythrough of Mouse Kidney Model
Stepthrough Movie of Thresholding Process
X,Y,Z Orthoplanes through Mouse Kidney Micro CT