Three Dimensional Models
of Tissue and Cell Structure

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axoneme (9+2) kidney nephron muscle sarcomere
capillary tuft glomerular capillaries #1 small vein & tunics
ciliated cell composite glomerular capillaries #2 smooth muscle fiber
ciliated cell goblet cells spinal cord model
columnar epithelium lumpy cell T4 phage model
squamous epithelium membrane bilayer model thyroid follicles
epithelium model #1 tubulin monomers Connexons
epithelium model #2 renal corpuscle Axon
epithelium model #3 rod cell Connective Tissue
erythrocytes rod and cone cell Eosinophil
freeze-fracture model salivon Spermatazoan
Epidermis Smooth Muscle Fiber 1 Eye
Glomerular Capillaries Smooth Muscle Fibers
Skeletal Muscle Fiber Unmyelinated Axons

Animated Models of Tissues and Cell Structure

Color-Coded Skeleton
Buckyball Flythrough