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Arcuate Artery & Vein Papillary Ducts, Longitudinal Section
Collecting Duct Brush Border Proximal & Distal Convoluted Tubules
Collecting Ducts & Artery Renal Corpuscle / Macula Densa 1
Cortex, Glomerulus, Proximal & Distal Tubules Renal Corpuscle, Urinary Pole
Cortex: Injected Vasculature Renal Corpuscle, Vascular Pole
Female Urethra, Low Magnification Renal Lobule, Panoramic
Female Urethra, Panoramic Renal Medulla: Collecting Ducts
Glomerular Capillaries 1 Renal Papilla: Papillary Ducts
Glomeruli & Collecting Ducts 1 Transitional Epithelium, Collapsed
Glomeruli & Collecting Ducts 2 Ureter Mucosa, Transitional Epithelium
Kidney: Cortex & Medullary Rays Ureter, Panoramic 1
Kidney: Cortex & Medulla Ureter Panoramic 2
Macula Densa & Juxtaglomerular Apparatus Ureter Transitional Epithelium
Male Urethra & Glands of Littre Ureter Wall
Medulla, Capillaries, Loops of Henle, Prox/Dist Tubules Urinary Bladder, Transitional Epithelium
Medulla Capillaries, Thin Segments & Collecting Ducts
Medulla: Thin Segments & Collecting Ducts