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Astrocyte Foot Processes 1 Motor Neurons Ventral Horn, Low Magnification
Astrocyte Foot Processes 2 Multipolar Neuron, Spinal Cord
Astrocytes Oligodendroglia
Basket Cells & Granule Cells Protoplasmicastrocytes
Cerebral Hemispheres, Ag Stain Purkinkje Cells 1
Cerebrum, Cortex & Medulla, Ag Stain Purkinje Cells, Cajal's Stain
Cerebellum, Cortical Layers Purkinje Cells, Dendritic Trees
Dendritic Spines (Boutons) Purkinje Cells, Granular Layer
Fibrous Astrocytes Pyramidal Cells & Astrocytes, Ag Stain
Medulla Oblongata Pyramidal Cell & Processes 1
Microglia Pyramidal Cell & Processes 2
Microglial Cell Pyramidal Cell, Ag Stain
Motor Neuron Cell Body Pyramidal Cells, H&E
Motor Neuron Neurofibrils Pyramidal Cell & Processes 3
Motor Neuron Nissl's Substance Spinal Cord White & Grey Matter
Motor Neurons, Ventral Horn, High Magnification Basket Cells
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Auerbach's Plexus Node of Ranvier
Corpuscle of Vater Pacini Pacinian Corpuscle
Dorsal Root Ganglion Peripheral Nerve Artery
Ganglion & Satellite Cells Peripheral Nerves, H&E
Meissner's Corpuscle 1 Peripheral Nerves, Osmic Acid Stain
Meissner's Corpuscle 2 Peripheral Nerves
Motor End Plates Semilunar Ganglion
Myelinated Axons, Osmic Acid Stain Sympathetic Ganglion Cells
Myenteric Auerbach's Plexus