Integumentary System

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Duct of Seat Gland, Intraepithelial Scalp, Panoramic, En Face
Hair Follicle, Transverse Section 1 Sebaceous Gland
Hair Follicle, Transverse Section 2 Sweat Gland Secretory Portion
Hair Follicle, Transverse Section 3 Tactile Papillae, Meissner's Corpuscles
Hair Follicles & Sebaceous Gland Thick Skin, Meissner's Corpuscles 1
Hair Follicles, Transverse Section Thick Skin, Epidermis
Hair Root Longitudinal Section Thick Skin, Meissner's Corpuscles 2
Hair Root, Longitudinal Section 2 Thick Skin, Plantar Aspect
Hair Shaft & Follicle, Longitudinal Section 1 Thick Skin, Strata
Hair Shaft & Follicle, Longitudinal Section 2 Thin Skin Melanin
Meissner's Corpuscle, Ag Stain Thin Skin, Thumb, Panoramic
Nail Bed Parotid Gland Panoramic
Scalp Hair Follicles Scalp Melanin