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Antral Follicle, Theca Externa & Interna Ovary Panoramic
Cervical Canal Ovary Follicles & Corpus Luteum
Cervix, High Magnification Oviduct Ampulla, Lumen
Chorionic Villi Oviduct Ampulla, Folia & Epithelium
Conceptus Amnionic Sac Oviduct Ampulla, Folia & Epithelium 2
Conceptus Placenta Oviduct, Walls of Isthmus
Corpus Albicans 1 Ovum & Zona Pellucida
Corpus Albicans 2 Primary Follicle & Zona Pellucida
Corpus Albicans 3 Placenta Chorionic Villi
Corpus Luteum, Granulosa, & Theca Placenta, Early Pregnancy
Corpus Luteum Lutein Cells Placenta, Panoramic, Full Term
Corpus Luteum of Pregnancy Placenta
Corpus Luteum Primary Primordial Follicles
Cumulus Oophorous Primordial Follicles 1
Endometrial Glands, Secretory Primordial Follicles 2
Endometrium, Menstruating Theca Lutein Cells 1
Endometrium, Postmenstrual Theca Lutein Cells 2
Endometrium, Proliferative Umbilical Arteries & Vein
Endometrium, Secretory Stage Uterus, Endometrium & Myometrium
Endometrium, Secretory Uterus, Follicular Phase
Graffian Follicle Uterus, Panoramic
Granulosa Lutein Cells Uterus, Secretory Phase
Labia Minora Vagina Endothelium
Mammary Gland Vagina