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Chondrocyte Columns Fetal Hand Epiphyseal Plate 1 Lacunae & Canaliculi
Chondrocyte Columns 2 Fetal Hand Epiphysis 1 Osteoblasts, Osteocytes, Osteoclast
Developing Membrane Bone Ground Bone Haversian Systems Osteoclast & Howship's Lacuna
Epiphyseal Plate &

Secondary Ossification Centers

Haversian Systems, Transverse Section Proliferation, Primary Calcification &


Epiphyseal Plate Hyaline Cartilage Proliferation Secondary Center of Ossification
Fetal Digit Bone Devel Hypertrophy & Primary Calcification Tibia Decalcified Transverse Section
Fetal Hand Diaphysis & Marrow Hypertrophy & Primary Calcification 2 Tibia Epiphysis