Computer Modeling of Tomographic Data

A collected tilt series of projected 2D images can be combined into a 3D (voxelated) data set. This data can be analyzed by any of several 3D computer programs . Successive slicing through the tomogram (orthoslices) is equivalent to analysis by serial sectioning. Regions of high contrast differential can be thresholded and surface rendered to produce 3D models. The fidelity of such modeling can be verified by translating a single orthoslice through it monitoring the coincidence of the structure and the model's surface.


Translation of orthoslice through smooth isolated vesicle Rotation of orthoslice and modeled vesicle Red-Cyan anaglyph of orthoslice translation through vesicle model Translation of orthoslice through modeled small transendothelial channel Red-Cyan anaglyph of orthoslice rotation and modeled channel Animated flythrough of modeled transendothelial channel