Groups have to find a website and do a critique of it.  A critique is a critical evaluation of the accuracy and sophistication of the material on the website, the ease and efficiency of navigating the site by a user, and the usefulness and accuracy of the links to which the website points the user.

Groups will have to write up the critique of the website (2 pages) and present the critique to the class.  For the presentation, groups will have to locate the URL in front of the class and summarize their critique by making reference to the website as they talk. Group members should decide beforehand how to do the presentation and plan and practice it so that it goes smoothly. Advice: distribute the work -- choose one member to be the presenter, one to be the computer person, one to be responsible for the write up, and so on.

The website must be a non-technical one: i.e., a non-academic, popular site that relates to Cognitive Science. Do not choose, e.g., a university site in cognitive neuroscience or artificial intelligence; do not choose the site of a professional organization or journal. This assignment is intended for you to try to evaluate popular or semi-popular material on the web, given the scientific background you have developed in this class.

Outline of Critique

  1. Indicate how the website relates to the field of Cognitive Science: e.g., how it embodies  or represents the principles of the

  2. Indicate both positive and negative aspects of this website: e.g., how it accurately embodies or represents the principles of the field, how it falls short, misrepresents, or could be improved by awareness of the principles of the field

Website Critique