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Start Time required
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End Time required
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Estimated Attendance required
Organizing Group Information
Organizing Grouprequired
Is the group
• an RSO (Registered Student Organization)
• a Greek organization or
• a University department? required
Note that RSOs/Greek organizations must speak with the office of the University Student Centers Activities & Programs Office before this form will be processed.
Requested by: Name required
Local Address
Phone Numbers:
For questions required
For day of event required
E-mail required
Event Planning Information
Specific Location of event
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Describe the event, including type of entertainment provided required
Will any sales or solicitations take place? required
If yes, explain
Have sales/solicitations forms been completed?
Plans for crowd control and prevention of alcohol/drug use by attendants? required
Will security be present? required
Plans for clean-up/trash removal required
Will there be amplified sound at your event?
If yes, explain
Do you have plans to spike or place anything in the ground? required
Note that this will require notifying Miss Utility and will require added time to process your request.
Services below need to be arranged by the organizing group through sponsor's supervising department. RSOs and Greek organizations should use University Student Centers forms to request services. All others should contact the appropriate department.
Electrical / Lighting required  
Bathroom required  
Platforms/Chairs/Tables required  
Hose Hook-up required  
Trash Removal/Containers required  
Sponsor's e-mail address required  
Confirm Sponsor's e-mail address required  

This form will be routed to the appropriate representative(s) below:
Complex Coordinator e-mail
(verifies plan of residence hall groups)
Director of Residence Life
(approves plan of residence hall groups)
Associate Director for Activities & Programs
(verifies plan of RSOs and Greek Organizations)
Executive Vice President
(approves all requests)