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  • Review the types of alcoholic beverage service available at the Conference Services Web page.
  • Familiarize yourself with University Policy 2-13, Consumption of Alcohol on Campus.
  • Complete the Alcoholic Beverage Service Approval Form for any event on University property serving alcoholic beverages.
    For single events that occur over several time periods/dates, one form may be submitted listing each function/location where alcohol will be served.
  • A list of facility managers in licensed facilities is available online.
  • Individual departmental procedures may need to be developed for completing this form. However, the completed form must be submitted to the appropriate facility manager. This facility manager will forward the completed form to Beverage Services. If your event is not in one of the licensed facilities listed, please submit complete form to Anthony DiPilla, Beverage Manager in Dining Services, at least 14 days in advance of the event (or 45 days in advance for other approved but not licensed facilities).

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