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Research Experiences

Summer Scholars


Undergraduate Research

Coming soon: student interviews

Here is a link to a blog that 3 Fine Arts students, Amanda Pierce, Liz Lang and Rebecca Zerby kept to document their learning and experiences with various artists in DC and NYC: http://udartintern.blogspot.com/

Career Paths

Students in the Department of Art and Design tend to pursue one of three general paths after graduation:

  • establishing a reputation as an exhibiting artist;
  • using their experience in the fine arts as a form of general education that can be applied to many different arenas of professional and creative challenge; or
  • they enter directly into a career in an applied area of design, such as advertising design, graphic design, applied photography, or illustration. Others may choose to enter careers as administrators in museums, galleries, or other arts related institutions and businesses; or they may pursue graduate study in areas such as studio art, art history, arts administration, art conservation, or museum studies.
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