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Study Abroad


Sample Itinerary

London is currently one of the most creative and celebrated advertising and graphic design communities on the planet. AdWeek, a major advertising publication, listed the ten most creative advertising agencies in the world, three of which are headquartered in the city of London (three were also from the whole of the United States). Participants will have an excellent opportunity to broaden their own visual creative experiences and their understanding of an increasingly more visually-oriented global culture. We will focus on people and places related to advertising, mass communication and related industries, such as graphic design, applied photography, new media, illustration, and publication.

Students will be involved in two investigatory and interactive for-credit experiences.

The first is the visiting of a variety of commercial visual design groups in London which may include design-related museums, advertising agencies, design studios, new media/interactive design studios, illustrators, photographers, commercial directors and magazines.

The second is an independent research effort (i.e., advertising campaigns, editorial design, typography and posters) and the production of a report in the form of a journal, artist's book or web site. The second topic must be approved before leaving on the trip.

As the world shrinks, more mass communication is presented through the use of visual elements to avoid the inherent problems of working across differing languages, the need to cut through the visual clutter to get your message noticed and to counter the ever-increasing lack of time. The trip to England offers an excellent opportunity for just such a case study and at a highly creative level.

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