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Unique Opportunities for Research & Career Experience

The prime geographic location of the University inspires numerous onsite visits to galleries, museums, design organizations, artists studios, advertising agencies, and design studios. Many on campus presentations are hosted for visiting artists, designers, and business professionals from the nearby major metropolitan areas along the East Coast.

Students may pursue internships in museums and galleries or in any of the wide variety of design related industries that value the creativity and personal vision from the study of fine arts or visual communications. A large portion of undergraduate education for applied artists is directed toward preparation for and practical experience in the work environment of design studios and advertising agencies. This includes the process and techniques used, for example, in making commercial forms of design, in dealing effectively with clients, and in managing schedules and assignments.

The opportunity to study abroad can be an invaluable experience for an aspiring artist or designer, providing new levels of cultural awareness to inspire one's work. Recent department sponsored trips have included New Zealand, London, Italy, and Vietnam.

Many art majors, especially those in visual communications, also pursue the Minor in American Material Culture Studies.

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