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Undergraduate Overview

Expressing your Creative Abilities

The University of Delaware offers three different degree programs in art, reflecting the variety of career goals that students have and the particular emphasis they wish to focus on to express their creative abilities. Admission to the Department of Art and Design requires an application portfolio that is evaluated by a Faculty Review Committee. All accepted first-year students are initially admitted into the department's Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. After the conclusion of the freshman year, students may apply to either of two professional Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs or select to continue in the BA degree.

Tools for the Creative

There are many choices to make as you select art materials that fit your budget and still provide you the performance needed for the chosen medium. Utrecht Paint offers some tips and tools in a series of short articles.


The Entry Process

Entry into the BFA programs is based upon submission of a portfolio of work from the Foundation courses and other requirements which may include an essay of intent, faculty recommendations, and an interview. The two BFA options are Fine Arts and Visual Communication.

The Shape of Experience

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts provides a cross disciplinary of experience between the fine arts disciplines (ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture). The BFA in Fine Arts is designed to familiarize students with the tools, media, techniques, artistic influences and analysis needed to inspire and pursue their own self expression.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications is an intense series of courses intended to inspire inquiry in the art of communication design and develop an individual's creative process. The degree path begins with graphic design fundamentals and guides each student through a combination of required and elective courses that emphasize typography, form-making techniques, media and cultural awareness, communication theory and studio practice. Students focus on acquiring skills and knowledge requisite of success for a career in communication arts.

Students continuing in the BA degree will study a foreign language in addition to their studio work, providing the opportunity for a more broad-based exploration of the liberal arts.

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