Ranger Company: The Class, The Club

Ranger Company is both an official UD Club and a register UD class. You can take it as both, or just join the club. Either way it's a unique addition to any resume!

Push your physical and mental limits! Test your leadership skills! Learn military tactics! Have Fun!

What is Ranger Company?

  • Ranger Company is both a UD club and class that focuses on leadership development through squad based military tactics
  • By partnering with Army ROTC, Ranger Company is able to provide expert advise from Army veterans and senior Cadets on military tactics and effective leadership styles
  • Every "Ranger" receives hands on training every week. Depending on how many semesters of experience you have in Ranger Company you will be promoted from a "rifle-man" all the way to the "Ranger Company Commander"

The Club

Taking Ranger Company as a club requires very little commitment. Come whenever you can make it and participate as much as you would like.

The Class: MLSC 166-010

Ranger Company is also a 1 credit class. Your grade is based mostly on attendance and participation. The end of semester Field Training Exercise is mandatory. The first half hour of every Ranger Company meeting is instruction on that week's mission. The next two hours are the planning and execution of that mission. Missions can include squad attack, ambush, reconnaissance and react to contact. MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) training is conducted at the ROTC building.


Every semester of Ranger Company ends with a Field Training Exercise (FTX). The FTX is typically a Friday-Sunday event conducted on a real military base. The FTX puts to test all of the leadership and military skills learned during the semester of training. It also puts to test the physical and mental limits as there is very little time for sleep or rest. Rangers will sleep outside in tactical "patrol bases" and will conduct missions during the day and night against the OPFOR (Opposing Force).