Mission Statement

The mission of the Alcohol Policy & Education Council (APEC) is to reduce excessive alcohol consumption among University of Delaware students, and thereby reduce the resulting negative consequences. The Council will:

  1. Review University of Delaware alcohol policies and procedures and make recommendations for changes and/or new policies;

  2. Encourage University of Delaware staff and faculty to convey a consistent message about alcohol to all incoming and current students and their parents; and

  3. Coordinate campus-wide educational and media campaigns to encourage students to make healthier and safer decisions about alcohol.
APEC Members
Tracy Downs, Chair
Ann Amsler
IT/User Services
Sharon Bathon
Student Health Services
Larry Elveru
Office of Public Relations
Kelly Ferguson
Graduate Student
Mike Fernbacher
Office of Judicial Affairs
Jim Flatley
Public Safety
Cindy Genau
Cooperative Extension Service
Edgar Johnson
Intercollegiate Athletics
Michele Kane
Residence Life
Promoters of Wellness
Mike McCloskey
Delaware Undergraduate Student Congress
Deborah Roche
Student Services for Athletes
Mike Rusch
Student Centers
Cathy Skelley
Residence Life
David Tuke
Resident Student Association
Kim Zitzner
Religious Leaders