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Anthropology Survey

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Please answer the following questions. We appreciate any and all comments, whether in list or narrative form.
What is your current status?  
Graduate/professional school
  Degree, department, school 
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Unemployed, but actively seeking employment
    Tell us what you did following graduation from UD through the present? If you have done multiple things, list with approximate dates (to the best of your recollection)
    In addition to your work, are you involved with charitable, civic, recreational, or religious organizations in your community?
    What aspects of your Anthropology major helped you in your life and/or career?
    Are there areas of the program that think should be strengthened. Are there skills or knowledge on which you wish you had spent more time while completing your Anthropology degree?
    Comment on any aspect of the Anthropology program at UD that you found to be exceptionally rewarding and/or helpful.
    Are there other comments that you’d like to offer that have not been addressed by the questions above?
    We are planning to create an Alumni Update section on our web site. Is there news or information that you would like to share?