Department of Anthropology
College of Arts and Science, University of Delaware

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ROSENBERG, Karen R., Ph.D. (Michigan)

ACKERMAN, Kenneth J., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania) BIEBUYCK, Daniel P., Ph.D. (Ghent) CABANA, Graciela S., Ph.D. (Michigan)
photoformer Visiting Assistant Professor
at Arizona State University starting fall '03
email: Graciela.Cabana@asu.edu

COPOLLA-BUDANI, Donna M., Ph.D. (American)

CUSTER, Jay F., Ph.D. (Catholic University of America) DeCUNZO, Lu Ann, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania) HESSON, Michael. (Pennsylvania) HOLSOE, SVEND E., Ph.D. (Boston University) NEITZEL, Jill E., Ph.D. (Arizona S) ORR, David G., Ph.D. (Maryland) ROCEK, Thomas R., Ph.D. (Michigan) ROE, Peter G., Ph.D. (Illinois)

ROSENBERG, Michael, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania)

SCHWARTZ, Norman B., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania) SLOANE-WHITE, Patricia, Ph.D. (Oxford)
131 Munroe Hall
Phone:  831-2802
e-mail: pswhite@udel.edu
VILLAMARIN, Juan A., Ph.D. (Brandeis) WEIL, Peter M., Ph.D. (Oregon)

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