New Castle Architecture:


Specific features on buildings help to identify them according to time period and origin.For example, New Castle contains a variety of styles.The buildings have unique roofing structures, brickwork, and decorative features.. .


The diagrams to the left show some typical roofing structures that are commonly seen on New Castle Buildings.











Many New Castle homes were done in a Georgian Style (named after King George).These homes can be dated according to features such as those shown on the right -from the Early Georgian Period, or the later styles seen below.













Below are some common brick bonds found on New Castle buildings.


*All of these images are reproductions from diagrams drawn by Timothy Mullins in his study of New Castle architecture.



Take a Video Tour of Old New Castle:


One student from the University of Delaware has compiled a narrated video tour of several New Castle buildings:


*Spread Eagle Tavern

*William Penn Guest House

*Dutch House

*McWilliams House

*Presbyterian Church


*Gilpen House

*Booth House

*Delaware House Hotel

*New Castle Courthouse

*J.B. Cooper House

*Van Leuvenigh House

*Gunning Bedford House

*Rising Sun Tavern

*122-126 Harmony Street

*The Academy

*Kensey Johnís House

*Senator Van Dykeís House


This video takes the viewer through the architectural styles and history of each building.It also incorporates many interesting historical details.The video offers a great educational experience for young and old alike, and is a great classroom supplement for students to have before visiting New Castle.For additional information about the video, contact Dr. DeCunzo at or call the Read House at 302-322-8411.


-Researched by: Genevieve Griffiths



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