Archaeology at the Read House and Gardens: New Castle, Delaware


During 1995, a group of archaeologists from the anthropology department at the University of Delaware, with the help of the Historical Society of Delaware, began to excavate the yard and gardens of the Read family.  This project, by Professor DeCunzo, was the first step in understanding the lives of those who lived on the property during the past four centuries.   For a view of the archaeology that took place during the early years visit Unearthing New Castle's Past.   Although the research and analysis of the findings is still taking place today, a much clearer understanding of the past has already been obtained.  Through the use of material objects, soils, path layouts, documents, and comparative research, students studying anthropology at the University have contributed by piecing together this wealth of information and. . . .


These are some of their findings


A Brief History of New Castle

Property History Before George Read

History of the George Read II House

The Prominence of George Read I and II

Object Studies

Home and Garden

Food and Dining

Cultures and Conservation







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