George Read and His Son

Their prominence in New Castle



George Read is a prominent man not only in Delaware history, but also American history.  As the plaque to the right (which is currently found on the wall surrounding the George Read II House garden) says, he was a “MEMBER OF THE CONGRESS OF THE REVOLUTION, THE CONVENTION THAT FRAMED THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND OF THE FIRST SENATE UNDER IT, JUDGE OF ADMIRALTY PRESIDENT AND CHIEF JUSTICE OF DELAWARE AND A SIGNER OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.”  His second born son, George Read II aspired to one day surpass his father’s fame.  While his political and occupational attempts never quite reached such a high level, his home did.  It was said to be the largest and most magnificent house in all of Delaware at the time. 

            Aside from his grand residence, he also led a successful personal life.  He married his cousin Mary Thompson from Carlisle, Pennsylvania and fathered eight children.  He made his living as a lawyer.  Considering all that went into the house, many contractors and specialists that contributed to its construction, and the constant upkeep and renovations (like the kitchen), one can gather that George Read II was a successful lawyer.   The engraving on the left was taken from a portrait by Adolf Ulrich Wertmuller.


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-Researched by: Amy Cunningham



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