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Advisement- Meeting Your Advisor

The undergraduate advisor for all UD anthropology students is Professor Jill Neitzel. Students should contact her with all questions about their programs of study.


Contacting Your Advisor

Answers to quick questions can be obtained by sending Professor Neitzel an email at You can also email her to schedule an appointment for a face-to face meeting in her office (Munroe 107).


All email correspondence should:

  • put ADVISING in the subject heading
  • include previous emails concerning the issue being addressed in the current message
  • be written as professional correspondence, which means standard English with complete sentences and words and proper capitalization and punctuation (no slang, no text messaging and/or instant messaging abbreviations)


You should receive a response to all email queries within 72 hours. If you do not, please resend your message or phone (302)-831-8755.


Meeting Preparation

Prior to meeting with Professor Neitzel, students should print out their unofficial transcript from UDSIS and use it to fill out the appropriate checklists that can be found on the Department of Anthropology’s advising web page [].


Fall and Spring Registration

Each semester, approximately 1-2 weeks prior to course registration, Professor Neitzel will schedule a group meeting for all anthropology students to review the graduation requirements of the University, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Anthropology major and minor and to inform them about which anthropology courses will be offered in the next term.


After the group session, Professor Neitzel will post a sign-up sheet for students to schedule individual meetings to resolve their course registration questions and to discuss their progress towards graduation.

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