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Zero Moment of Truth 2 minute video

How the Digital Age Is Rewriting the Rule Book on Consumer Behavior

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Changing consumer behavior, in terms of how we consume traditional media. Increasing use of a mobile device while watching TV, for example.

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The Web, which was established in 1994 with the first GUI web browser, has experienced a phenomenal growth curve in terms of number of consumers that now use the medium. Social Media, a more recent phenomenon and a subset of the web, has also experienced incredible growth. The following are resources that highlight these growths:

Different types of consumers on social media:


Watch: Going Mobile - Understanding the changes in mobile consumer behaviour

How People Really Use Mobile

The rate of adoption of smart phones is the fastest in technology history.

The shift to mobile access creates a shift in consumer behavior. It presents tremendous opportunities, and corresponding risks.

How consumers access the web, and social media, impacts their behavior. Originally access was PC-based, from a fixed location. iPhone was introduced in 2007, which innovated the smart phone market, and allowed mobile access to the web. The tablet, innovated by the iPad in 2010, has further increased access via a mobile device. The following resources illustrate the increasing access to the web, and social media, via mobile devices, as well as the growth of a new medium, Mobile Apps:

Mobile access means:

Consumers using multiple devices

A new revolution ?